Brief Company History

NEMA ELECTRIC Company started in 1976 as a trading company with five (5) employees spearheaded by MR. JESUS L. CHUA and was INCORPORATED in 1977. It has been involved in various electrical trading and was promptly rewarded as “Outstanding Top Dealer of the Year” award cited by Westinghouse, General Electric and Fuji-Haya Electric for three (3) consecutive years.

To meet the demands of residential and commercial projects, NEMA decided to put up their own manufacturing plant in 1979. NEMA’s priority is to ensure the safety of our customers as well as taking into account important considerations like economic concerns. NEMA uses the best materials and exercises stringent quality control in our own manufacturing plant ensuring the best quality in our products we produce. This is our advantage over our competitors.

After the EDSA Revolution in 1986, the Philippine economy had a huge upside which offered new hope and opportunities. At this point in time the company decided to put up a special project group which will tackle the electrical construction of commercial and industrial electrical installation on substations, transmission lines and industrial motor controls. The newly formed group engaged in the electrical engineering design, installation and commissioning of manufacturing plant, refinery plant (hazardous location) mining, ship building and paper industries. We also established the after sales service engineers to be on call 24 hours a day. They are equipped and trained to minimize the downtime of our customers.

Currently, the globalization in our market driven by quick technology transfer and the advent of the Internet. The increasing demand of high quality electrical equipment put NEMA in the position to develop a line of new brands and products that will be introduced to the market. In 1992, SIEMENS chose NEMA Electric Co. Inc. to be their SOLE DISTRIBUTOR of Low Voltage Control products and Busways. We also accepted to be the Sole Distributor of other products such as MENNEKES Plugs of Germany and BUSSMANN FUSES, of U.S.A. Most of our products were selected to improve profitability through the cost effective increase of operating reliability.

NEMA ELECTRIC CO., INC., SIEMENS, MENNEKES, BUSSMANN and HANYANG LOW-LOSS/LOW-NOISE TRANSFORMERS are the powerful results of our commitment to both innovation and service for energy and power.

Today, like never before, more and more companies are looking to NEMA ELECTRIC CO., INC. for their electrical requirements. From major industries with global awareness to small residential clients, we became their source of electrical equipments, it is because our products has unparalleled combination of flexibility, continuity of service, safety performance and quality, they are simple to operate, easy to maintain and distribute electric power every single day with a peace of mind.


Mission & Vision

NEMA ELECTRIC CO., INC.’s primary goal is to contribute to the development of the country’s economy in terms of superior products and quality workmanship.  To achieve this goal, we commit ourselves in carrying the best electrical brands sell high quality products and engage in the best practices of general contracting of electrical construction works.

It is our conviction that a business enterprise has a right to exist only if it serves the good interest of the public. As such, we will maintain a name that is synonymous to integrity, honesty, good ethics, professionalism and quality works; a name that likewise will be respected by our competitors.

It is our aim to be successful not at the expense of those we served but as a result of our EXCELLENCE in work and FULFILLMENT of our commitment.

We will be preferred provider of products that are of good quality and will conform to existing standards without jeopardizing our commitment to be responsible, innovative and a progressive partner of the END USER we serve, the NEIGHBORHOOD where we work and the SOCIETY where we live.